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Advantages of Ionic Hair Dryers


Advantages of Ionic Hair Dryers

Ordinary hair dryer injures hair and negative ion hair dryer protects hair. Hair itself only contains positive ions, and negative ions are the necessary elements to make hair healthy and straight. The negative ion generator uses high voltage electricity to increase the negative ion composition in the air. When it works, it can release a kind of negatively charged oxygen. Attached to an ordinary hair dryer, the negative ion generator can produce negative ions known as "air nutrients". The principle of negative ion hair dryer is to use ions to gather water together and divide it into 5-60 water particles. These water particles will penetrate into the hair through the fibers on the surface of the hair, repair the damaged hair, keep the water in the hair in a good balance for a long time, and make the hair resist external damage to a certain extent, So that every hair can regain its healthy luster. At the same time, negative ions are released together with hot air to stimulate the activity of proteins in hair and interstitial layer, so as to repair the hair cavity and make it radiant.

Using the released negative ions, the negative ion air duct can form a protective film on the surface of the hair, free from electrostatic interference, and make the development of the hair beautiful. Make the hair healthy and smooth from inside to outside. In addition, the negative ion air duct can reduce the time of drying hair and can be used every day. After use, I am not afraid of deformation caused by hair binding and washing. To sum up: the negative ion air duct has the dual effects of drying and protecting hair.

Nowadays, negative ion straight hair is popular. In addition to the trend, the hair treated with negative ion will become soft. It is a good news for sisters with poor natural hair quality. However, negative ion straight hair is not suitable for everyone - you want to have a beautiful hair, but you don't want to spend expensive money to risk making negative ions or buying negative ion machines. You can consider this negative ion air duct.

To sum up, the effects of negative ions on hair can be summarized as follows:

● effectively prevent the occurrence of static electricity

● increase the glossiness of hair

● keep humidity for a long time

● make the hair smooth and easy to comb

● the next morning, the hair is not deformed and easy to tidy

● effectively control fluffy and messy hair

● hair becomes soft and feels soft and smooth