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car air problem, Global common topic


Negative ion generator is a device for generating air negative ions. The device processes the input DC or AC through EMI processing circuit and lightning protection circuit, and then limits the overvoltage and current through pulse circuit; High and low voltage isolation and other lines are raised to AC high voltage, and then pure DC negative high voltage is obtained after rectification and filtering through special grade electronic materials. The DC negative high voltage is connected to the release tip made of metal or carbon elements. The tip DC high voltage is used to generate high corona and release a large number of electrons (E -) at high speed, but the electrons cannot exist in the air for a long time (the existing electronic lifetime is only ns level), which will be immediately captured by oxygen molecules (O2) in the air to generate air negative ions. Usually, there will be a separate switch on the air conditioning panel, and some cars integrate this configuration into the fragrance system.


Nowadays, people's continuous attention to air quality has been extended to the means of transportation we travel every day. Due to the inherent lack of technology, it has become a new trend to install or support air purification products on automobiles, and has gradually become one of the standard accessories of automobiles.

The plasma, net ion, positive and negative ion and other product technologies developed by us have the characteristics of purifying air, reducing PM2.5, eliminating second-hand smoke, decomposing harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene, sterilization and deodorization, and are widely used in the automotive industry.

car air problem, Global common topic

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